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The project "ADULT EDUCATION NETWORK" unites institutions and organisations with experience in adult education and ODL in 9 European countries.
The planned duration is 2 years and it is directed to adult learners, teachers and publishers.
It will pursue the following objectives:

  1. The construction of electronic networks for teachers and students on a national as well as on a European level. Practical models will be developed to set up support systems for the dislocated adult learners to ease the access to such a network and special emphasis will be put on tutoring, correcting and marking in electronic texts.
  2. The development of criteria to improve the organisation of courses and to improve the methods of counselling the adult learners in order to reduce the high drop-out rates.
  3. Example materials for distance learning will be set up and made available in a database system and information on how to study by yourself will be provided.
  4. Workshops for all the participating partners will be arranged to improve the know-how in ODL and to foster the exchange of experience.
  5. Special emphasis will be put on the further training of teachers by the dissemination of experiences, know how and innovative methods of ODL(e.g. by e-mail contacts and newsgroups on newsservers): exemplary modules for the training of teachers (e.g. how to provide multimedia teaching material for the internet) will be developed. Special activities in teacher training will be initiated on regional and national level to increase the computer- and internet-literacy among teachers.
  6. The results will be disseminated by the installation of home-pages, the production of CD-ROMs, the establishment of contacts to associations and ministries, regional, national and international institutions and mass media. Pedagogical institutes and universities being responsible for the training of teachers as well as companies and publishers will also be involved in the project.

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