The logo was designed by Ms. Patrícia Mella, an art teacher in Alcácer do Sal, Portugal.



The CD-Rom Multiversum Teacher Training is intended as a tool for teachers, providing some useful resources for training in the use of ICT in the class, based on our actual practice and experience.

It is to be noticed that, although some of the materials on this CD-ROM are about computer and web designing skills, the main focus of the training and of the project Multiversum itself was about teachers using ICT and designing websites to support teaching and learning.

What can be found in this CD-ROM? Resulting from the experience gained during the first years of a Socrates-Comenius 3.1 project, Multiversum, this CD-ROM contains:

  • the training modules each partner institution carried out for their teachers, based on shared aims and objectives, but tailored to the local context
  • relevant examples of materials developed for and actually used during the training
  • the materials are in the original languages, but with short abstracts in English
  • examples of materials developed for the evaluation of the training sessions

The CD-Rom can be requested to the project partners