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Florence, 23.01.03: meeting with Seán Feerick
(Principal Administrator European Commission - Directorate General for Education and Culture)

Giuseppe Italiano
(IRRE Toscana Director)

Introduction of participants

10.00 -

Seán Feerick

Aims of the meeting and expected results

10.15 -

Giuseppe Italiano

Presentation of IRRE
The Multiversum project in the framework of the policy of the Institute


10.45 -

Anna Fochi
IRRE Toscana Consultant for Multiversum Project Transnational Coordination)

Presentation of the Multiversum partners
Organisational structure
Nature and history of the project
Organisation of communication at the various levels (steering group, teachers, students)


11.15 -

Gloria Bernardi
Alberto Moreni
(Multiversum website responsible)

The products: Time Web site / Project Web site


12.15 -

Tiziana Rellini
Cristina Lotto
(Italian Multiversum teachers)

Two hypertxts on time realizad by students of different ages: presentation of the work in the classes

13.15 -

Anna Fochi

The products:CD-Rom on teachers’ training / Other products (brochure, E-learning modules...)


14.15 -

Anna Fochi
Bernardo Draghi

(IRRE Toscana Consultant for Multiversum Project Transnational Coordination)

Evaluation tools and procedures
Interim assessment of the outcomes and difficulties
A Comenius 2.2 project linked to Multiversum

14.45 -

Bernardo Draghi

Administrative management of the project: tools and procedures
Changes in the financial plan


15.30 -

Seán Feerick
Giuseppe Italiano

Conclusions and evaluation of the meeting

In the end, Mr. Feerick remarked that our project is actually an example of good practice especially because of:

  • the focus on ICT not just as technology and competences, but as a means of actually influencing and transforming the learning and teaching process, as well as curricular development;
  • the stress put on trying to develop networks and connections at different levels: the steering group, teachers and students.

(a.f. - a.m.)

16.00 – 16.30

Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 4:59 PM
Subject: Visit to your project

[...] I wish to organise a visit to you on either 22nd or 23rd in order to discuss your project, to learn about its content and to provide you with advice and support. This visit is part of our overall strategy, announced already at our meeting for coordinators in January 2002, to develop greater contacts with the projects funded under Comenius 2.1, to examine how they contribute to a reflection on policy in the field of teacher education and to offer support in terms of advice and follow-up [...]
Yours sincerely
Seán Feerick
Coordinator Comenius 2.1
European Commission - Directorate General for Education and Culture
Directorate A Unit 3
* +32-2-296.41.97 (direct phone) * +32-2-296.86.02 (fax) Email: *

Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 5:35 PM
Subject: visit to Multiversum project

[...] I will be happy to visit your project on 23 January [...] I would like a fairly substantial meeting in order to allow us enough time to discuss the issues you may raise, and of course to ensure that I gain a complete picture of the work you are undertaking. [...]
Seán Feerick [...]