MULTIVERSUM - Multimedia as an epistemological resource: towards multifaceted rather than linear knowledge

Within the framework of

Socrates - Comenius 3.1

Second transnational meeting – 20-24 June 2001

Canal Court Hotel, Newry, Northern Ireland, UK

Meeting agenda


Premises for the meeting

The Canal Court Hotel
29 Merchant Quay
Co. Down

tel: 12830251234

(21st June) Craigavon Teachers Centre, Tullygally
(22nd June) June Clounagh Technology Centre, Portadown
(23rd June) Canal Court Hotel Newry.

Technical facilities
(21st June) - data projector, laptop, overhead,
(22nd June) - data projector, laptop, internet access

Wednesday 20th June

Arrival of all participants in Canal Court Hotel Newry

18.30/20.00 handshake session – introduction of new participants by their colleagues

20.00 dinner

Thursday 21th June

9.30/1.00p.m. planning session:

- introduction by the co-ordinator

- feedback from all partners (actions undertaken: selection of schools, identification of the needs of teachers, planned actions of support / training)

1.00/2.00 p.m. lunch in St.Patrick’s Trian Armagh

2.00/5.00 p.m. ICT in education: training strategies

after dinner "Multiversum party": national specialities, wine, spirits, cookies, chocolates… from the partnership

Friday 22nd June

9.30/1.00 p.m. update on

strategies for implementing an effective communication framework within the partnership (levels of teachers and students)

1.00/2.00 p.m. lunch

2.00/5.00 p.m. (two groups)

group 1: administrative and finance – one representative per partner institution (or country)

group 2: evaluation: identification of levels, targets, strategies and tools for adequate evaluation of the project itself and of the educational process developed

Saturday 23rd June

9.30/12.30 a.m. planning the way forward:

12.30/2.00 p.m. lunch

2.00/8.00 p.m. social/cultural visit to….

Sunday 24th June

Departure of participants



NOTE - What should be prepared for the meeting

feedback from all partners - actions undertaken: