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Agenda: the participants agreed on the proposed agenda


Coordinators report on Brussels decision:

  • Anna: they have actually read the Interim Report and they made some comments; they had the assistance of an external expert; it’s important to remember their recommendations (we should go back to these when we discuss the way ahead)

Teachers Training Experiences (draft CD-Rom):

  • Paul: all the materials/modules should have a short abstract in English, even those in English, so that everyone can have an idea of the content before reading
  • Paul: the "info" section is mainly for Brussels; however we should stress that there were children involved in the process
  • Bernardo: all the mails should be sent to the Multiversumgroup or to Alberto Moreni
  • Any materials on CD-Rom should be sent to Alberto Moreni – IRRE Toscana
  • Group: we acknowledge and thank IRRE for their hard work in producing this CD-Rom

- training materials should be sent until the end of January (with abstract + any other comments)

- send a list of all the necessary corrections

- acknowledge the EU funding in the CD-Rom (and website)

Multiversum Logo:

  • We should have all the logos produced on the project website (like a gallery) with acknowledgement to the authors (students/classes)
  • We thank our partners from Alcácer for their hard work in producing the logo

Comenius 2.2 course:

provided for people who work in projects like Multiversum (not necessarily people that are already in the project); each country will have a deadline for application in its national agency – it’s important that each partner institution informs immediatly the teachers who worked in the project

  • The meeting and the course should be held together ( 2 days for the meeting and 5 days for the course)
  • Date: end of October
  • Contents and agenda: all the partners agreed on the contents and agenda for the course – until January 15 send
  • Location: ???
  • Number of participants: ???
  • Financial plan: ???

- send further comments on the contents and agenda for the Comenius course until January 15

Multiversum week:

  • Anna: some schools have already entered the community but it is a bit confusing at the moment
  • Vivien proposes the pairing of schools to facilitate communication; to do this we should try to put more information on the community site
  • Paul: schools should be encouraged to edit their profile which is going to be helpful at the moment
  • Sandy presented a ppt prepared by Eleni on this issue – the group thanks Eleni for her good contribution
  • Not only schools but also some teachers should be encouraged to communicate and edit their profile
  • The Multiversum week should focus on a specific task (for example, "Let’s chat")
  • Paul: an important idea Eleni has suggested is to have a look at what the students have produced; we could use the websites to ask students to create very simple quizzes with answers that can be found in the websites
  • The certificates are very important for students and but also for teachers
  • Bulgarian schools: they are experiencing some difficulties with the internet connection, due to financial problems (Bernardo stated that there could be some financing from the project in order to help in partly solving this problem)
  • It’s difficult for us to pair schools but we have to provide some framework – we can ask our teachers/students if they’re interested in a ten-minute chat and then they would try and find a pair
  • Anna: we can propose some sort of pairing between schools and the schools should feel free to change their pair; using the email schools should discuss and decide what sort of activities they’re going to be involved in
  • Paul: we should decide on a "menu" of activities to be presented to schools (and we should use the EUN Community to discuss this – until the end of next week)
  • Multiversum week: 10th–14th February (Paul suggests that this should be the week when we give the certificates to the students) – tomorrow morning we will try and do some sort of pairing
  • Students Certificate: the logo and a simple text in all languages
  • Teachers Certificate: we are going to prepare a draft of the text and try to send it tomorrow to Eleni


  • Leaflet: a small poster which is folded as a flyer and the back of the poster would be the information of the project in 5 languages
  • The information should be very concise and try to encourage people to visit the website
  • We agreed on the general format and a smaller group will see into the details

Discussion group

  • Leaflet: the group agreed on the main information on the leaflet; the coordinators will ask a graphic designer to work on these
  • Comenius 2.2 course:

Location: Montecatini

Date: end of October (best solution for British schools)

Number of participants: minimum 20

Participants fee+accomodation and meals: 700€


Report on the discussion group proposals (Paul):

  • Comenius course: should be held on the last week of October
  • Steering group Meeting: should be held right before the Comenius course; only the trainers will remain till the end of the Comenius course

- Comenius course:
27 Oct. – 2 Nov.

- Meeting:
25 Oct. – 30 Oct.

Partners reports about activities/progress of the schools

(Santo André; Bulgaria; Greece; Alcácer; UK – SELB/Cambridgeshire; Italy)


Multiversum website:

  • the group discussed the last changes introduced and made some suggestions
  • the list of the projects should include the title of the project
  • the meetings documentation should be under "Project" because these are not resources
  • we should try to find a domain for Multiversum (e.g.



EU Community: Paul explained how people can access both Multiversum and Multiversum-Schools communities and showed some functions within the community, namely how to edit one’s profile


- we should encourage teachers/classes to edit their profile

Teachers certificate: a draft was presented to the group and it was approved; it will be sent to every partner (published in the community)


Workplan – planning the way ahead:

  • CD-Rom on the teachers training experiences: all materials should be sent to IRRE (+ abstracts) till the end of January; also send any comments/corrections to IRRE till January 15
  • Comenius 2.2 course: send any further comments till January 15
  • School projects: a list of the projects with a very short abstract should be sent to the coordinators
  • Teachers project evaluation: each partner should send 3-4 templates (in English)
  • We should also try to collect students feedback on activities with local projects websites; ask them some feedback on their participation in the Multiversum Week activities
  • "Time" website: the coordinator is going to ask the graphic designer to present a different website; there should be a journal (see SELB website) that people can fill in and submit when they visit the website








- ask the teachers to get their students ideas/opinions on the activities during MW

- send these until May 1