The logo was designed by Ms. Patrícia Mella, an art teacher in Alcácer do Sal, Portugal.

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Expected Outcomes:


organisation of national and transnational networks of schools;

development of teaching materials, units and modules, to be used for professional development and in-service training of teachers - both as printed materials and as files for the Internet and future development as e-learning;

implementation of the use of ICT for communication; implementation of the use of multimedia in education, especially with regards to the educational and creative use of hypertexts;

designing of transnational teacher development courses: Comenius 3.2; designing and editing of a shared and open hypertext on the Internet, which gathers and "grows" thanks to the hypertexts from the schools, at the same time providing the schools involved in the project with a coherent yet flexible and multifaceted structure - general structure of the hypertext in all the languages of the partners.