FROM LITERATURE

                                                      TO SCIENCES”



Students from scientific classes (IV-V) of scientific high school in Livorno, coordinated and led by two theachers of humanities department and four teachers from the science department.



Antolini Azzurra

 Bellachioma Jacopo

 Boni Allegra

 Botrini Francesca

 Caroti Francesca

 Corsini Elia

 Del Moro Luca

Falchetti Chiara

Giacomelli Enrico

Girardi Michelle

Grandoni Giorgia

Lepore Ambra

Mambrini Dinora

Olivieri Benedetta 

Olobardi Alessio

Porazzini Margherita

Razzauti Matteo

Tornar Giorgia 

Prof. Burani Paola

Prof. Caccialupi  Ughetta

Prof. Marchetti Gloria

Prof. Paoletti Letizia

Prof. Pescetti MariaPaola

Prof. Roffi Marinora


The project

1.The project is a multidisciplinary course on the theme of time leading to the formulation of a hypertexte that includes four disciplines. The hypertexte will be on the web accessible to the school partecipating to the Multiversum project.

2.The work has been  done in an extracurricular timetable to allow the students to follow their own interests outside their class. The main objective has been to learn to use new technology to overcome the barriers between different areas of knowledge.

3.The project has been presented to students by teachers who explained multidisciplinary themes. Students divided themselves into three groups and each group has worked in all disciplines.

In each discipline we have approached tree aspects of time pursuing the same idea:

1. Linear unitary time, i.e time as a series of moments.

2. Linear continual time, i.e time as a continuum

3.Cyclical time , i.e human time as opposed to the cycle of nature.


Disciplines involved in the projects are four: Italian, latin, mathematics and science



Italian literature  

Latin literature  

Analisi tematica II,14





Francesco Cecioni

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Translated by Marinora Roffi