Socrates – Comenius 3.1 – Multiversum

III Project Meeting

October 10-14 Sofia, Bulgaria

10/10       11/10       12/10       13/10       14/10



(NIE - Bulgaria)

(Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - Bulgaria)


(SELB - Northern Ireland)


(Achaia Prefecture - Greece)


(Cambridgeshire County Council)


(Centro Alcàcer do Sal - Portugal)


(Centro Santiago - Portugal)


(IRRE Toscana - Italy)


Premise for the meeting

Central Hotel

(Address) 1000 Sofia
52, Christo Botev Blv.
tel. 359 2 981 23 64
fax: 359 2 986 45 61

(the Hotel "Central" is located in the very centre of Sofia, at about 3 min. from the Sheraton Hotel and the central city square)

Technical facilities:
data projector, laptop, internet access

Wednesday 10th October

Arrival of all participants in Central Hotel Sofia

18.30/20.00 opening of the meeting, welcoming and greetings, organisation details

20.00 dinner

Thursday 11th October

9.00 Choice of the chairperson and secretary for the first day meeting

9.15 /12.30 a.m. planning session:

- short introduction by the co-ordinators and approval/modification of the meeting agenda

12.30/2.00 p.m. lunch

2.00/5.00 p.m. - Discussion on feedback from teachers concerning evaluation tools; agreement and implementation

- identification of the themes (connected to time) chosen by teachers for the projects in the schools; discussion and organisation of themes and possibility of virtual co-operation between schools

after dinner "Multiversum party": national specialities, wine, spirits, cookies, chocolates… from the partnership

Friday 12th October

9.00 Choice of the chairperson and secretary for the second day meeting

9.15/11.00 - school network development: strategies for implementing an effective communication framework within the partnership; feed-back from teachers

-Vivien's report on the main issues of her studying experience on ICT and education ( last summer in USA) debate on interesting key points

11.00/12.30 visit to one of the schools involved in the project (new participant)

13.00/2.30 p.m. lunch in the hotel

2.30/5.30 p.m. - planning the way forward: detailed workplan for second year (activities, tasks, responsibilities…) amendments (if any) to the third year workplan, agreeing on targets for next meeting in Greece

- evaluation of the meeting: positive/negative aspects

- financial situation: short overview; time for individual sessions between partners and our "Excel man" Bernardo about financial issues and documentation

Saturday 13th October

9.00 - 3 p.m. visit to Rila Monastery

3.30/5.00 p.m. time for individual sessions between partners and Bernardo about financial issues and documentation


Sunday 14th October

Departure of participants

NOTE - What should be prepared for the meeting

on the first morning, Thursday

on Thursday afternoon